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Human Interest Documentaries

human interest documentaries

sharing an experience

Of all the mediums available to communicate a story, film most closely resembles the human experience.  When properly produced and edited, film provides a glimpse into someone else's reality, making it highly effective at generating deeper understanding and empathy.  This characteristic has the potential to create shifts in perspective, making film a very powerful way to help bring about change.

We have worked on films designed to educate and call people to action on a wide variety of topics, including, foster care, immigration, breast cancer awareness and gang violence.  We have worked with many non-profit organizations as well as social justice activists and find it very rewarding to serve a higher purpose through storytelling with the moving image.  

Legal Aid of nebraska

Making justice happen.


The video featured below in our blog on breast density is a short documentary/public service announcement about breast density and its impact on the reliability of mammograms. 

For more information, read our blog article about breast density here.

Autism Action partnership

The video below is a short documentary film created for Autism Action Partnership.

For more information about that project, read our blog article here